Generic Vs Branded Drugs – the Tussle is on

As the war of the titans, i.e. the Generic Vs Branded drugs continue, it is the consumers who are benefited from the tussle. Branded drugs continue be the favorites with users who have used them and are satisfied with their effective powers over the years but with the introduction of Generic versions, a reasonable number of users diverge to test them as they offer to provide identical benefits at a much cheaper rate. Generic drugs are evolving as hot favorites of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Since matters are related to sex and love, cost would definitely be a constraint for regular use.

Just like ED drug Generic Viagra is available at 66% lesser price than Brand Viagra.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence has become the new threat of the modern world where millions of men are regularly being exposed to the dreaded condition. It is a condition of sexual dysfunction in men when he is unable to achieve or maintain a erection sufficient for his sexual needs or that of his partner. But with the availability of brand drugs like Viagra for the treatment of impotence, men who had earlier buried their sexual fantasies and desires came to see a new light in their lives.

Viagra, the brand drug of Pfizer Inc. since its introduction in 1998, has transformed the lives of many men and their relationships. To be taken an hour before sexual activity, Viagra can last for as long as 4 hours. But Viagra won’t work without sexual stimulation. It’s not an aphrodisiac and doesn’t increase sexual desire. Then popularity of Viagra even after the availability of its generic versions can be proved by the innumerable number of people logging into the websites seeking Viagra information and also to avail them from online pharmacies.

Though there have been in earlier days some misconceptions about the utility and effectuality of Generic drugs, with the right sort of publicity and marketing people have now started to recognize then as safe products. Even doctors have started recommending Generic drugs to some patients on assessing their economic status. Initially, people misinterpreted the low-cost of Generic drugs as a basis for its inferior quality. Generic drugs typically are less expensive than their brand name counterparts since manufacturers of Generic drugs do not undergo the expenses of research and development as the developer of the Brand drug undergoes.