Why Powder Coatings are Many Businesses go to Paint Finish

When a manufacturing company needs to apply paint coatings on the metal items, quite often, these companies turn to powder coatings. Powder coating makes lasting impressions as it relates to durability and looks, but there are some things to consider if the company chooses powder coatings over standard paint for metal products or items.

Why Choose a Powder Coating

The first thing to understand is that if a company is looking for the most durable finish with regards to painted metal products, powder coatings are the best option available. Not only does the look of a powder coated surface rival the most decorative finishes, it is extremely durable. Some would contend that powder coatings are the most durable type of finish that can be applied to metal. Some might argue that automotive finishes are better, and while it is true that they may look the best out of all metal finishes, they do tend to be some of the more delicate finishes around.


However, for heavy duty use, the durability that is embodied in powder coatings also comes at a premium. Powder coating, while not as expensive as it was in the past, is still on the higher end of the scale as it relates to metal paint finishes. If the products require this type of finish then it will invariably drive up the cost of the item. With mass produced items, the cost may be minimal, but a slight increase in price due to powder coating shouldn’t come as a huge surprise when estimating production costs.

Longer Application Processes

It is also worth noting that unlike other painted finishes, powder coating takes a bit longer. However, given its look and durability, it is time well spent. In many cases, the look and durability of quality powder coating finishes are certainly worth the time and expense.

Whether you want a stunning look for your metal products, you want a finish with extreme durability or you need both of these features, powder coating finishes are the clear choice. If you’d like to learn more about this fascinating and superior painted finish, you may want to do some research on what powder coatings are and how they are applied.