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Maternity Care – Top 10 Advantages and Care

Pregnancy is a difficult time for all women, as it is not just physically but also mentally challenging. Mothers need good care, proper medical attention and effective nutrition so that the newborn child can have a healthy development. A healthy baby means risk free birth for the baby, while risk less delivery for the mother. For effective and healthy maternity care, it is important to find the best hospital. If you can ensure choosing a good maternity care center, you can enjoy the following benefits or care:

1. Safety for the Mother and Baby
During pregnancy, the mother needs constant medical attention in order to avoid health related complications during this period. After giving birth to a baby, both mother and baby need continuous and effective medical attention from experienced as well as professional doctors. Other than doctors, support staff and medical teams also have a major role to play in this.

2. Safety Screening Tests
During pregnancy, the mother has to undergo a number of screening tests. These tests are scheduled by the maternity expert doctor i.e. the obstetrician at regular intervals. These screening tests have to be carried out with safety, using the best technology. All eminent and professional maternity hospital ensure these screening tests on the mother. The objective of these screening tests is to rule out abnormalities or anomalies in the baby. The importance of these tests is that they allow for timely intervention in the eventuality of an abnormal baby.

3. Nutritional Plan for Mother
One of the most important things during pregnancy is proper nutrition for mother. Proper nutrition comes with effective nutritional plans. Under the supervision of an expert obstetrician, pregnant women follow meticulous diet charts. Nutrition of the mother is important for the nutrition of the baby.

4. Emergency Care
A good maternity hospital keeps the provision for round the clock emergency care for every pregnant woman. During pregnancy, different types of physical problems or sickness may occur. Some of these conditions are serious, and they need proper & timely medical attention.

5. Safe Delivery of the Baby
Giving birth to the baby is a complex process, and thus an experienced team of medical professionals is required to handle the situation. For the safety of both the mother and child, safe as well as the proper delivery process has to be carried out with all aseptic precautions. For this adequate backup staff as well as doctors from other faculties such as anesthetist as well as pediatrician are required. Well established maternity hospitals have an established team of obstetricians, anesthetists as well pediatricians to collectively manage the process of normal delivery.

6. Cesarean Delivery
When a mother is unable to deliver a child vaginally which could be for a variety of reasons, a cesarean section may have to be carried out. Cesarean delivery is complex and risks are there for both mother and baby. Thus, the process has to be conducted under the surveillance of an experienced obstetrician/gynecologist.

7. Ectopic Pregnancy
Fallopian tube pregnancy or Ectopic Pregnancy is another complex process. For such pregnancies, mothers need critical medical attention in a good maternity hospitals.

8. Post Delivery Care for Mothers
After delivery, mothers need medical observation and critical measures. In reputed maternity centers, professional obstetricians and trained staff takes care of mothers after delivery. They ensure speedy recovery or mothers. It further emphasizes the need to choose a good gynecologist.

9. Screening or Testing for the Baby
For the better health of babies, right after birth, they need to undergo certain screening tests and observations. In case of any complications, these babies require quick medical attention.

10. Observing the Baby in Premature Delivery
For premature delivery, newly born child need special attention from the medical teams. A reputed and professional maternity hospital ensures all important medical facilities are made available for premature babies.

Exercise You Can Do at Home in the First 6 Weeks of Pregnancy

No woman can escape the sudden emotional swings and health discomforts that happen when pregnant! However, with an aim to stay fit and healthy women can do away with these sudden discomforts. Exercising is a vital part of pregnancy and it helps women feel better. Though you must rest as prescribed by the doctor, but skipping exercises just because of the mild morning sickness, which is a pregnancy spin-off is not suggested. So, if you’re on the first 6 weeks of your pregnancy, here are the best exercises you can do at home, under expert supervision, preferably.

1. Keep walking, keep moving

According to gynaecologists and health experts, pregnant women need to keep walking or moving! Take a brisk walk in the corridor of the living room or the balcony or garden space. This will result in more energy, vitality, reduced back pain, a healthy body image and also returning to form quicker and better after delivery. You can start by taking morning walks and evening walks once you’ve checked with your doctor.

2. Opt in for Pilates

Pregnancy brings in two bodily challenges for women: first lower back pain and second balance issues. When you practice Pilates, you can gently build on the core muscles via a series of floor exercises. In the initial sessions you will completely concentrate on generating strength. The lessons that will follow will be challenging for your balance and strength.

However, it’s best to avert Pilates poses where you need to lie down on the back or have the twist your mid-section. It’s best never to overdo your exercises or any belly-focused posture. Else it might lead to diastasis recti, where the parallel sections of the abdominal muscles get separated.

3. Swimming can be good for the body

This is an apt pregnancy exercise to follow as the entire body is in motion here, with mild stress on the joints. Furthermore, the water in the pool supports the weight and offers you a momentary relief feeling all bloated and heavy as your belly grows with every passing day.

4. Try pelvic floor strengthening

Starting the pelvic floor exercises is beneficial! So, when you switch to this exercise form you need to imagine that you are pausing the urine flow in washroom. Draw your breath and contract the pelvic muscles inwards and then upwards. Perform this at home under supervision so that you don’t stress your pelvic muscles too much.

5. Yoga helps you stay fit and happy

This is one of the best exercise forms to practice during the first 6 weeks of your pregnancy! Yoga balances your muscles, helps in generating core strength, minimizes blood pressure, ensures that your muscles are agile and nimble and teaches you breath-work that comes to help during your baby delivery. For women, yoga is also beneficial for menopause and prevents ailments such as osteoporosis, by developing bone mineral density.

However, during pregnancy you ought to avoid yoga postures that involve the following:

· Lying on the back

· Intense back-bends

· Hot yoga or Bikram yoga

· Any kind of posture where you have to place your feet atop the head, for instance headstands

· Postures where you need to twist your abdomen

6. Aerobic classes

Today, there are several aerobic programs especially designed for pregnant women that help them to develop muscle tone, add on to their flexibility and you boost heart health. All these work hand in hand to keep the body supported as it witnesses pregnancy related changes. You can hire an instructor home as well and practice aerobics.

Ideal Strategies For Losing Weight Soon After Pregnancy

When you were going out with your future husband, how long did it take people to start asking you if you were engaged yet?

Then they asked when the wedding would be. Next, they wanted to know when the baby was coming. Then, when you had the baby, they wanted to know why all your baby weight didn’t immediately vanish. Once they are no longer pregnant, women often feel pressured to shed their baby weight as soon as possible. This can make life very difficult. After all, you’re being told two things: to eat as much and as often as you want so that you can feed yourself and your baby and to lose your baby weight as quickly as you can. How can you do both?

Try to be patient. You may have heard stories in the media about celebrities who are able to return to their pre-pregnancy weight in less than a month. Remember, these women are free to exercise and go to spas while others are taking care of their babies. They have no restrictions when it comes to hiring nutritionists, personal trainers or anyone else who can help them lose weight in a hurry.

If you can’t afford these luxuries, you have to be more realistic in your expectations. You have to be satisfied with losing weight at a pace that’s appropriate for you, not someone else.

Losing the weight acquired during pregnancy generally takes around nine months, about the same as it took to gain it. Nine months, then, is a doubly significant time period when it comes to pregnancy. This means that it takes you nine months to gain all of your baby weight so it should take nine months for you to get back to your old size.

This can allow you to put it into perspective rather than try to rush the process too much. You can relax, then, if you find that it’s a few months since you’ve given birth and you still haven’t lost all the extra weight. Just be attentive and you will soon drop those extra pounds. Sometimes you have a stubborn five or ten pounds that take a little longer to shed.

You should try to lose that baby weight but you don’t need to stress yourself out about it. People who fail at losing weight after pregnancy are more likely to become overweight or even obese later in life. If you find that you are having trouble shedding your extra pounds, talk to your doctor. You might need to meet with a nutritionist to discuss caloric intake.

Some women find it more difficult than others to lose weight after pregnancy. This kind of weight loss is not as simple as the usual kind, where you simply cut back on calories and work out as much as you can. When you are caring for a newborn, you have different needs than someone who is not a new parent.

This means you need to approach your weight loss differently than you would have before you got pregnant or if your child were a little older. The key is really to relax and let the weight come off in its own time!

Dental Problems in Pregnant Women

Making dentistry appointments before getting pregnant is helpful to maintain good dental care and any dental complications which might be prevented. Dental visit during pregnancy is essential to ensure a healthy dental care but it’s necessary only in the second trimester.

Many pregnant women experience teeth problems due to change of hormones. It is always advisable for pregnant women to let the dentist know that they are pregnant before any dental procedure. This is very important to avoid harming the growing baby inside. It is not advisable to have tooth x-lay or teeth whitening during the first trimester due to complications which might arise. Some of these procedures are safe done after giving birth.

Swelling of gums during pregnancy is very common thus it is not only advisable to visit a dentist for checking up, but it’s important to cleanse your teeth to decrease the chance of having infection. Some drugs or dental procedures are not safe at all in pregnant women. Some antibiotics when taken by pregnant women interfere with the development of the baby. Some drugs which are administered during dental procedures might affect the development of the baby’s teeth and they should be avoided at all cost.

When dentist are performing dental procedures to a pregnant women, they should handle the patient with a lot of care and put the patient in a comfortable position. This can be done by placing a pillow under at the back while lying down on the dental chair.

Pregnant women are advised to eat a healthy balanced diet especially food rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. The baby’s first teeth develops at the age of three months and some minerals found in dairy products like cheese and yoghurt are essential to the development of the baby’s teeth. Frequent brushing of the teeth helps a long way in preventing dental problems. Flossing frequently reduces the chance of bacterial infection in your mouth. Chewing of gums during pregnancy is good as it keeps the mouth from getting dry which can cause problems with your teeth. It’s good to avoid bed snacks and eat food which contains no or less with sugar. Pregnant women are advised not to smoke during the entire pregnancy not only for the baby but to prevent gingivitis infection.

It is very crucial for pregnant women to watch what goes in their mouth as scientist have proved that some bacteria causing decay can be passed to the baby. Since most pregnant women vomit a lot especially during the first few months in their pregnancy, it is recommended they frequently wash their mouth. Avoiding tooth decay is not only important for a pregnant woman but it is necessary to avoid risk of having a premature birth when the tooth is left untreated. Some cases need tooth filling to prevent decay and this should be done with minimal medical application to reduce any risk to the unborn baby.

Watch the following signs during pregnancy as they may be a sign of tooth infection- bleeding of gums, redness of the gums, swelling of gums, and bad breath.

The Best Stretch Mark Cream When Pregnant Includes Safe But Effective Ingredients

Stretch marks are a severe problem for women, especially during and after pregnancy. Many think that the purple-colored marks will be gone with the passing of time, but many are disappointed when they only fade. Because of that issue, it is best to know what things a woman can do so as not to have these stretch marks form on her skin at all. There are many creams on the market to prevent stretch marks, but the effectiveness of the cream will depend largely upon the ingredients it contains. If you want to use only the best pregnancy cream for stretch marks prevention, then understand what these important and effective ingredients are:

Tocopherol – Because of its attribute that enhances the elasticity of the skin, Vitamin E, otherwise known as tocopherol, is effective in addressing stretchmarks.. The more elastic your skin, the more it can stretch without the tearing of tissue that causes stretchmarks. Vitamin E is one of the best nature-based ingredients there is that benefits the skin and gives it a healthy appearance.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is another natural substance which performs many health functions inside the body, one of which is maintaining healthy skin. It can provide important nourishment to skin that allows it to repair itself. In addition, Vitamin D can help prevent stretchmarks and has been shown to minimize the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Aloe Vera – From the aloe plant, it is possible to extract some liquid or juice from its leaves, which is commonly called Aloe Vera. This plant is truly amazing. It can serve as an alternative medicine by soothing the redness and inflammation of the skin. This ability also applies to stretchmarks, and the use of Aloe Vera during pregnancy can reduce the appearance of stretchmarks you already have as well as prevent new ones from developing.

Shea Butter comes from the Shea tree, usually found in Africa. It is a fatty extract that is whitish or yellowish in appearance. It is one of the best possible moisturizers for the skin and can promote and improve elasticity, preventing the damage that causes stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter – Cocoa Butter is the edible fat portion extracted from the cocoa bean. Another name for cocoa butter is theobroma oil. One of the popular products manufactured from cocoa butter is chocolate. One of the recommended stretch mark creams during pregnancy uses the sweetly-scented cocoa butter as its main ingredient. You can keep your skin free from stretchmarks, supple and moist because cocoa butter is a very good emollient.

Citrus Seed Extract – The seeds, pulp and white membranes of the grapefruit is the origin of this ingredient which is also called citrus seed extract. It has antioxidant properties which benefits a woman while pregnant by keeping the skin healthy and preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Squalene Oil – Squalene oil is commonly derived from shark liver or from a variety of plant sources including olives, amaranth, and more. It is characterized as non-greasy and is readily absorbed by the skin giving it more moisture. It is regarded as one of the important ingredients in making effective stretch mark cream for pregnant women today.

How to Prepare for First Pregnancy

Having a baby can be very stressful, especially if this is your first. There are so many things that need to get done before the baby is born, from organizing the baby’s room to packing your overnight hospital bed. Remembering every detail can seem overwhelming and out of reach, which is why we have compiled this list of what not to forget during your first pregnancy.

1. Soon-to-be-mothers spend hour after hour researching what type of car seat to buy. We ask all of our friends to get their recommendations, we definitely Google “safe car seats” over and over again, and then we look for recalls. But, then what? We finally make our purchase and store the car seat in the baby’s room or in the garage, only to be forgotten when the big day comes. My advice is to have the car seat installed a few weeks before your due date.

2. Create a hospital bag checklist and make ensure that you don’t forget anything. What should be in the bag? Well, all hospital paperwork, insurance card, lip balm (You’ll understand when you’re in labor), something to read, music, the comfiest pajamas that you have, a nursing and or sleeping bra, 8 pairs of underwear (yes, 8), any electronics that you frequently use along with their chargers, a few comfy outfits, snacks, and the list goes on and on.

3. Make sure the baby’s room is ready. This is something that can be done months in advance. I really recommend this is done sooner rather than later because the closer you get to having the baby, the more chaotic life becomes. We all have different opinions on how to prepare the baby’s room and what it should look like, so I will leave that for another blog post but here is a secret: offers some amazing ideas.

4. Sleep! You will most likely be running around like crazy before the baby is born. There is a ton to do like plan and have the baby shower, get the baby’s room ready (see above), go to all of your doctors appointments, and still make time to relax. Exhaustion is most common during early pregnancy but it is important to have a good sleep schedule throughout the whole 9 months. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to not sleep after the baby is born.
5. Choose the baby’s name. You’re obviously not going to forget this one but it is on the list because it requires an adequate amount of time. Often times couples find choosing a name easy and it is done in the first trimester. However, settling on a name can be a gruesome task. If a name has not been chosen by the middle of the third semester, you and your partner have to sit down and hash it out. Otherwise, you might be discussing it in the delivery room.